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       Meredith Moon has spent the last decade travelling her home of Canada, and the world, by multiple means, finding inspiration for her unique style of songs which are crafted in a true storyteller's fashion. She has been described as a 'gem' among the Old-Time music scene for her unusual expression of the genre, combining influences of folk-punk with traditional Appalachian sound.

      Besides playing traditional tunes often 'non-traditionally', Meredith presents a powerful voice and highly contemporary clawhammer banjo style. She is a multi-instrumentalist, incorporating finger-style guitar, piano and lap dulcimer, among other instruments, into her performances.

      Along with an endorsement from Gold Tone Music Group and a recent recording deal with True North Records/Linus Entertainment, Meredith Moon has been a regular in the folk music and folk festival circuit for over a decade. In the last eight years, she has herself booked and toured Canada several times, along with Mexico, Central America, the UK and Europe. She released "Forest Far Away" in May of 2018, and will be releasing her second full-length album, “Constellations”, on March 31st, 2023.

       “Meredith Moon is a captivating instrumentalist with a stunning voice. She’s warm in spirit and a real professional and it’s always a pleasure to share the stage with her.”
- Julian Taylor, singer-songwriter


       “I am wrung out - I cannot stop listening to this album. There are so many beautiful songs. Meredith’s voice gives me chills and makes me more emotional than I have felt in a long time. Appalachian vibes throughout. I am humming along with them. This is a gorgeous collection of songs with such a spiritual sensitivity.”
- Jane Harbury, publicist on album “Constellations”

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