Roots North Revisited 2019 - Photo by Deb Halbot

Photo by Steve Mock

Photo by Steve Mock

Padfield, England - photo by John Griffiths

Barfly, Montreal - photo by Steve Mock

Photo by Lisa MacIntosh

Photo by James Dean. Mariposa Folk Festival 2017

Photo by Starla. With Cityrat Songster at Fattalfest 2017

Photo by Pierre Millette. Glenn Gould Studios, Toronto, ON

With Stinkbox, 'Under The Bridge' 2017, Toronto, ON

Rural New Brunswick, 2017

Banjo Workshop at Mill Race Festival 2017, Cambridge, ON

With Great Village in the Kitchener Record

Superband busk with Captain Cowboy & The Money Maker and Isaak Bonk, Mariposa Folk Festival, 2017

Tabla/banjo jam with Raja Rhythmics

Photo by Lisa Macintosh

Playing with The Hamstrung Stringband, The Local, Toronto, ON

Busking outside of The Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK

Playing with Richard Inman, Winnipeg, MB

Playing with 'Diesel Doug', Osbourne Village, Winnipeg, MB

Photo by Lisa Macintosh

Photo by Dee. Cranbrooke, BC